Young Adult Wish List: Extended Edition

Fun fact: My mom and her two sisters are teachers. Mom’s a kindergarten teacher, Heather teaches 8th grade history and Deb taught adaptive P.E. before retiring to run her nonprofit TASK... I, however, was once voted “least likely to ever be a teacher” What can I say? Years of helping in non-air-conditioned classrooms, getting that... Continue Reading →

Why I Rep Young Adult

My freshman year of high school was like something from a novel… Having struggled through my time in middle school (see Why I Rep Middle Grade), I transferred to a teeny tiny private school in hopes of starting fresh. Novel Point #1: I didn’t tell a soul from my old school. Sure, a couple of... Continue Reading →

Why I Rep Middle Grade

When I was in middle school, I pretty much fit into two stereotypical roles. The first was the “fat kid.” Oh my gosh, guys, not only was I a five-foot-nothing, two hundred pound sixth grader, I was oh so fortunate as to get hit hard by the grease fairy: my hair was always shiny in a bad... Continue Reading →

Pitching an Agent: The Basics

As an agent, taking pitches is one of my favorite parts of the job. While the day is usually utterly draining and I always arrive home to concerned glances and “you look tired” comments, I adore talking with authors and seeing their nerves fall away as they start talking about a story they’re passionate about.... Continue Reading →

Submissions Update!

Hey all, I've been totally blasting through my to do lists lately, so I figured I would share a few updates on where we're at. If you've sent me a query, partial or full and are wondering what's happening with that process here's a rundown of where I'm at in my submissions and a few... Continue Reading →

So You Want to Send me a Query…

As most of you probably know I grew up in a pretty small town. Population 3,000. Which I actually thought was respectably large until my college adviser called it "Mayberry."  Small town living for me meant that every trip to the movie theater (20 miles away) or bookstore (40 miles away) was a huge deal.... Continue Reading →

Fall Thrillers Wishlist

Every year, starting about a week before October, when the weather here starts its 90 degrees on Tuesday but 67 degrees on Wednesday flip flop routine, I start rereading Lois Duncan's books. I don't think about it or plan what to read, I just always remember one and the rest fall in behind it. This year it... Continue Reading →

We’ve Moved!

As you probably know, I recently moved from Holloway Literary to Corvisiero Literary Agency. During that process I found myself without an official publishing job for two WHOLE weeks. I thought I might die of boredom. As I was talking to industry friends the response was a resounding "catch up on your TBR pile!"... While... Continue Reading →

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